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Preventative Medicine

The advances in human medicine have enabled significant advances in veterinary medicine. The result is enhanced knowledge in regards to animal development, the prevention of progressive and life threatening illnesses and diseases, state of the art monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Physical examinations, vaccinations, laboratory testing, and preventative medications all enable your pet to avoid damaging illness and disease.

Dental Health

Pet oral health is an essential component of good overall health. Nearly 80% of all pets have significant dental disease as early as one year of age in cats and three years of age in dogs. As more of us become aware of the risks associated with poor dental health, we understand how we can avoid potentially painful dental procedures. Your pet’s veterinarian may recommend a dental health plan which may include daily tooth brushing, dental examinations, routine dental cleanings, and a healthy tartar control diet. However, we do have the capability to perform more comprehensive dental procedures and surgery if needed.

Senior Pet Health

Our pets are living longer, healthier, happier lives thanks to veterinary medical advancements in preventive care, nutrition, and early disease detection. Our senior patients are like their human counterparts: they require special attention throughout the aging process. Senior pets are at more risk for developing diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, dental disease, hormonal imbalances, kidney, heart, and liver disease. These medical ailments can go undetected in their early stages – many can develop rapidly, making regular examinations and blood testing extremely important.

Weight Management

Many of us do not realize the health risks and complications associated with being overweight. An overweight pet is more likely to develop diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and joint problems. We offer weight loss programs specially designed with your pet’s overall health in mind.

Client Education

Client education is a large component of our practice, providing our clients the opportunity to learn more about their pet’s overall health and needs. Our veterinarians and support staff are readily available to answer any questions our clients may have in clear, understandable terms. Our client education center is also filled with educational information that can be easily accessed at your leisure.

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