Pet Cancer Awareness

Celebrate Pet Cancer Fighters and Survivors!

You might not realize that over 50% of dogs aged 10 and older will experience cancer in their lifetime, but unfortunately approximately 80% of pet owners have limited knowledge about pet cancer.  Similar to humans, cancer in pets can occur in any part of your pet’s body.  The growing population of overweight pets raises our concerns about an increase in cancer incidence among obese pets.  Although cancer is not as common in cats as it is in dogs, the cancers found in cats tend to be more aggressive. This is because cats have a tendency to mask illnesses which can make them harder to detect. This often leads to later diagnosis which results in more difficult, costly treatments. Early detection through routine annual exams and laboratory tests, especially in pets over age 7, is the key to getting the jump on diagnosing and treating cancer in cats and dogs; and there is more good news: pets are surviving cancer!   Questions or concerns about your pets, call us at 978-373-4422. To learn more and read some pet cancer survivor stories…click below

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 Pet Cancer Awareness

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