Kid’s Corner Archive – March 2012

Flea & Tick Prevention

What are pests?

Think of them as animals out of place. When they are out in nature, they are just living and doing what they are supposed to do. But, things change when they move into our homes and yards. When they do, we call them pests.

Pests are very good at finding food and shelter in places we don’t want them to be. Every pest has special needs and abilities to live and thrive in and around our homes; these pests can also live on your dog or cat!

We are LUCKY to know that there are special medicines called preventives that we can use to help keep our pets healthy. Ask your pet’s veterinarian about these medications which will keep them safe.

To learn more about these pests, check out our activities below and go to for more games and facts!

Flea Facts Heartworm Facts
Tick Facts Tick Patrol
Mosquito Facts Parasite Word Find
No Heartworm Here! Word Puzzle


For Moms and Dads, check out more information at and click on “Pet Health”. Remember that prevention is the key to keeping your pets free of parasites that can transmit disease to your human family members.

Year round prevention is your veterinarian’s prescription, and should be discussed at your next visit. For specific questions regarding your pets, your children and parasite prevention, please contact us at

More tips and tools are available at , courtesy of Companion Animal Parasite Council. (CAPC).

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