Kid’s Corner Archive – June 2012

Feline Health Month

There are 82 million pet cats in the U.S., compared with 72 million dogs,1 making cats the most popular pet.

Cats need regular veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccinations, just like dogs do.


1. It is Important to take your cat to the veterinarian at least once each year
2. Be sure to secure her in a cat carrier to keep her safe
3. Bring any records you may have if this is her first visit





Here are some important health topics to discuss with your cat’s Veterinarian

Feeding: a healthy cat needs to eat the right food, based on their age, weight, breed and more.

Exercise: whether your cat lives indoors or goes outside, they need to move around and be active.

Vaccinations: cats can be vaccinated for many diseases; the most common are feline distemper, rabies, leukemia, and FIP. Your veterinarian can determine which vaccines your cat should receive.

Parasite Control: there are parasites (bugs) that can live inside and outside your cat that need to be controlled; your cat’s veterinarian can help you keep these under control

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