Kids’ Corner Fun Facts-March



What pest can jump the highest compared to its body

Answer: FLEAS- these tiny insects can jump 150 times as high
as their body length. They like to live on cats, dogs, humans
and rodents. Jumping from animal to animal, these pests are
attracted to their new homes by body heat.



True or False: A tick is more like an insect than a

Answer: False—ticks are more like spiders than insects. While
most insects have three body regions, ticks only have one body region.




What is a heartworm ? and how do you get it ?

Answer: Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially deadly
condition caused by parasite worms living in the heart and
blood vessels of more than 30 species of animals. Included in this list are dogs and cats.

Your pet can get heartworms by a mosquito bite. An adult heartworm can live 5-7 years in a dog