Dress Up Your Pet Photo Contest

Each year,  we celebrate January 14th as National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  We will do this again in 2012!  We want to invite your beloved pet to bark, meow, sing, crone, croak or slither into the new  year in style….and we’ll reward the top dressed pet that earns the most votes for their fashion sense with a $100 VISA gift card!  Open those closet doors, dig into your dresser drawers or find that buried box of pet props you love. We want to see the best you’ve got.  Or maybe you already have a favorite photo of your fashion star?  Enter our National Dress Up Your Pet Day Contest between 1/1/12 and 1/14/12, then let the voting begin!  Voting will start on January 15th. The pet with the most votes by 1/31/12 is the winner!  Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors… tell EVERYONE to vote for your Best Dressed Pet!  Go to Facebook.com/haveaheartanimal to check out the details and submit your photo.  We can’t wait to see your imagination!

How did National Dress Up Your Pet Day get started? We have no idea, but it seems like a great way to have fun with your pet while giving him or her a little extra attention for the day.  When selecting an outfit, don’t forget to think safety – - choose a style that is not too tight or select an outfit that doesn’t have parts that may cause injury.  Don’t forget to  consider  a costume that is appropriate for the weather that day.  If your little (or big) one doesn’t like donning outfits, you can still enjoy time with your furry friend.  You can take your pet for an extra walk, give a special treat, relax side by side, or brush out his/her coat. Your friend will love the added attention!  However, if your pet is more adventurous, show off with style on this special pet-only holiday.  No need to spend money on an extravagant get up…the best is often what comes spontaneously from whatever is right at hand!  Just don’t forget to point and click to capture that Best Dressed Up Moment. Or if you have a cherished photo previously taken of your pet in his/her most shining moment dressed up, just enter that one!