Dec 28 2015

Most Unusual Dog and Cat Names of 2015


Maybe when you were naming your new cat or dog, you wanted to find a name that no one else thought of or something a bit unusual. Here are the top 10 most unusual dog and cat names according to a national pet insurer:


Dogs   Cats
1. Baron Von Furry Pants   1. Leonardo DiCatprio
2. Artoo Dogtoo   2. Fuzz Lightyear
3. Rosie Picklebottom   3. Captain Pancake
4. Parker the Barker   4. Sir Nigel Meowmittens of Oscelot Court
5. Abigail Carmichael Spartacus   5. Ziggy Ollyoxenfree
6. Smiley Cyrus   6. Zelda Nacho
7. Nutmeg Spice O’ Paris   7. Sophistikitty
8. Abraham Lincoln Continental   8. Cornelius McPudness Vandercat
9. Bizkit Au Chocolat   9. Sir Theodorable Purrsalot
10. Scuddles Unterfuss   10. Star Wars Steve


How does your pet’s name compare?

Jason - Web Admin | Client Education